Cowboys Need to Fire Romo

Dallas Cowboys: Still Recovering From Disappointing 2013 Season

With every football season comes the promise and threats from every team that it will be their year to make it to the Super bowl. The Dallas Cowboys, tagged as “America’s Team” at one time is no different.

We have watched Jerry Jones every year make announcements of his plans to give and take players away from his team and that of others, claiming its going to be just the right changes to take his team all the way.  Buy Dallas Cowboys tickets in 2014 because they boys have started out no different than any of the others. If the Cowboys are going to get anywhere this year, they are going to have to beef up the defense. If you pay attention to all the draft talk, then you know that is exactly what Jerry Jones plans to do. With all players in tow, maybe the need of a linebacker and a safety is in their future plans as well.

The 2013 season was a rough one for the team; predictions are everywhere that they must change their defense if they plan on making it out of the starting gate. Marinelli will restructure his defensive line and make monsters out of the secondary, beginning with Morris Claiborne. With a fierce front four play, the secondary will have more self-esteem in what their job is to do, and they will do it well. This will give freedom to man to man coverage. The Cowboys probably can’t do any worse than the 2013 defense. Teams do change though. The Cowboys will get strong and confident on defense and hopefully the draft will pull in strength.

Offense will come back stronger with Tony Romo leading the way. He has his retuning heavy hitters, the likes of DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten with him. Romo went through his 2nd back surgery and turned 34 but by the looks of his practice rounds, there is nothing to fear in him for the 2014 season. Predictions are that Romo will be better and more powerful than anything we saw in 2013. Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray will be the powerhouses for the offense. Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant will be the two-man team force to be reckoned with. They are strong individually but when you put these two together, points will be made.

Depending strongly on the draft, the 2014 season looks to be a better season than 2013. The Cowboys need to man up their defense and get some confidence back in the line and the season may be one in their favor.

Ketchup Field?

Pittsburgh Pride: Heinz Field

Occupying an enormous expanse of the North Shore, Heinz Field is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and with cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets you can visit Heinz Field at an affordable rate. The team, which has captured the Super Bowl ring six times, has made a total of 27 playoff appearances and has been owned by the Rooney family since 1933. The gorgeous, open-sky stadium is the envy of many other NFL cities and is only one of the beautiful sights the city has to offer. Many fans especially travel here to witness some really exciting sporting events.

Three Rivers Stadium, the team’s previous home, was built in 1970. It was a huge concrete structure of the old bowl type and was used by the both the Steelers and the Pirates, Pittsburgh’s MLB team. Many views were poor and the structure had outlived its useful lifespan. Heinz Field construction began in June of 1999, and Three Rivers was imploded in February of 2001. Construction of the new stadium was completed and it opened on August 18, 2001 with a concert by then-popular boyband ‘N Sync.

The stadium is constructed of over 12,000 tons of steel. Pittsburgh was once considered the Steel Capital of the World, so this was an important nod to the region’s heritage. It can seat a maximum of 65,050 patrons, which is fortunate considering that the Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every seat for every home game played since 1972. No other stadium in the entire world can boast of such a fantastic track record. Steelers’ fans are nothing if not loyal, and the team enjoys enormous profits from ticket sales and licensed merchandise. It is faced with a beautiful glass and boasts a Great Hall packed with memorabilia chronicling the history of the Steelers.

Perhaps the only negative of Heinz Field is the inexplicable decision to make it an open-air design in an area of the country where the weather can be miserably cold during football season. The Ohio River is formed by the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers coming together at ‘The Point’ nearby, and the wind howls right through the stadium. Many local pundits decried the design, stating that Pittsburgh will never be able to host any of the Super Bowls it participates in, thus losing the city a lot of revenue. But this is a subject matter to debate on. There have been favorable talks about them hosting one of the Super Bowls and only time will tell how that plays out.

Yanks Do It Again

New York Yankees upcoming games predictions

Buy New York Yankees Tickets because they are one of the most successful American baseball teams based in The Bronx, NY. They have won the East Division’s Major League contest an impressive 27 times with their latest one being in 2009. This season they are again looking to add more trophies to their cabinet. With a game on hand against the Mariners on 5/15/2014, fans expect nothing short of a win given that their two last games against this team ended in losses. They’re in good form and they are sure to win these upcoming matches if they play to their potential.

With the season still at its early stages, Yankees need to register wins in the next few games so that they can set a benchmark and sustain the tempo till end-season. Their schedule also provides them with an opportune chance to get back into the race, not just for Wild Card games but the Division as well.

According to manager Joe Girardi, it’s paramount that the team doesn’t just win every match series remaining in their roster, but scores as many runs as possible and creates a huge run difference between them and other competitors. With 18 wins and 15 losses recorded thus far, they are only a few points behind the Baltimore Orioles who have won 19 and lost 14. For them, it’s more about winning big than just winning alone by a close margin. They will need up the ante to bring on their A game and beat everybody’s expectation.

In their last game against the Milwaukee Brewers which ended 5-2 in their favor, the team backed pitcher Ivan Nova with 4 double plays, then pushed a long run across the 11th inning for a sure win. Later on, Mark Teixeira went 3 for 5 with a powerful home run that carried the Yankees on an offensive mode against the opponents. Coach Kevin Long has hinted that he would encourage his players to use the same tactic to overwhelm their opponents in the remaining games. He has also been quoted saying that one of the winning strategies in major league championship is double play. Since the 2nd baseman is often involved in more doubles than other players, this is definitely an important position to use in winning games.

Well, all we can say that it’s come from the coach’s mouth and those words come from years of experience of playing on field.

Houston Texas Jams

List of Upcoming Rock Concerts in Houston

Concerts in Houston

Considering the number of concerts lined up for Houston in the coming months, it is correct to say that Houston is braced for a lively and epic music scene so find your cheap concert tickets for sale online quick. Supported by large and top-class venues, concerts in Houston know no bounds when it comes to the different genres of music. Speaking of genres, it’s good to know that Houston will start off its musical fest with some of the most sought-after musicians and bands in rock history. Let’s get on with the show!

Upcoming rock concerts

Some of the scheduled rock concerts include:

• First up is Peter Murphy who will be performing at the Scout Bar on 5/29/2014 (07:00PM). This rock vocalist from England is expected to perform songs from his albums Love Hysteria and Deep.

• Metal band fans should brace themselves for Between the Buried and Me. This American progressive band known for its song Astral Body is expected to perform at Fitzgerald’s on 5/31/2014 (11:59PM).

• In June, Houston will be hosting The Fray. This American band produced their first album in 2005 called How to Save a Life which also spawned the hugely successful single of the same title. They will be performing at the Bayou Music Center on 5/29/2014 (07:00PM).

Tesla rock band from California will be performing at the House Of Blues on 6/15/2014 (08:00PM). Some of the songs expected from the band include I Love You and Falling Apart.

• The Neighbourhood is also expected at the Bayou Music Center on 6/17/2014 (08:00PM). Considered one of the most expensive shows, this rock band formed in 2011 is expected to thrill the fans with songs from its latest album, I Love You.

• To start the month of August is the symphonic rock band Yes from England . Known for their song Days, the band is scheduled to perform at the Bayou Music Center on 8/5/2014 (07:30PM).

• Last in our list of rock concerts in Houston is the London based boy band (cue in the girlie screams please!), One Direction. Known for their new album Midnight Memories, the band will perform at the Reliant Stadium on 8/22/2014 (07:30PM).

This list only features some of the lined up rock concerts from May to August this year. Be sure to check us out regularly as new schedules may come up. Who knows, maybe you favorite band will be on the list some time very soon! Rock on, folks!


Prospects of Washington Nationals this season

Cheap Washington Nationals tickets are extremely expensive because they are an expansion franchise and was originally founded as Montreal Expos in 1969. The club does not have the best record in baseball and has never played in a world series. The team had the best season is 1994 when they won most of their matches. The team kept on losing games after 1994 season which was primarily a result of shedding off its key players. MLB purchased the team in 2002 in order to revive its fortunes. The team was moved to Washington and was renamed The Washington Nationals. We wait to see how the change in name affects their winning destiny.

The Washington Nationals had a very good outing in 2012 when they won 98 games. 2013 was disappointing when the Nationals could manage 86 wins only. The let down was contributed by unimpressive performances by some of its major players like Dan Haren, Rafael Soriano and Adam LaRoche.

The outlook for 2014 is a good one though. Many predict them to be winners in NL East. The Washington Nationals are also considered a team with bright future prospects. The primary reason for this perception is their under 25 stock of players who are considered to be the second best in the games. These are the dark-horses that are expected to come of age as the season progresses.

The key off season move by the Washington Nationals is the acquisition of Doug Fister from Tigers. Fister is considered as one of the best starters in the game. Nate McLouth is somewhat a good prospect for the Nationals as well. McLouth had a good outing with Orioles with 2.5 WAR. Another acquisition, Jerry Blevins from Athletics may or may not prove to be a good one. The player to watch for though is Bryce Harper, the mountain man. The man had a great record when he was 20 and is expected to do well as he is now free from some of the injuries he had. The great eight from the Washington Nationals which include Desmond, Strasburg and Span are expected to do well this season after a not so good outing in 2013. They have been around for long to know that this is part and parcel of playing the game. With a number of talented players, the Washington Nationals can be one of the top performers this season for sure.

Dodgers Making Moves in the NL

Detailed Predictions Of The Upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers Games

The Los Angeles Dodgers have recorded some impressive performances in their recent games. These performances show the Dodgers as a team with renewed energy and with an undying fighting spirit, so get your discount dodgers tickets online and quickly before its too late. The performance is as a result of the combination of good team work, brilliant individual performance by certain players, application of the right tactics by the coach and the unwavering support by the faithful fans. However, the team will be facing stiff competition in the upcoming games as they will be facing some of the teams in baseball which are also doing equally well.

One of the toughest games that the Los Angeles Dodgers are to play in is against Philadelphia Phillies. This game will be played at the Phillies home stadium and hence they are expected to have the advantage of having home support. The Phillies have also been performing well in the recent past and hence they are expected to be a tough competitor. However, the Dodgers are expected to maintain their good performance especially because they have some good players such as Matt Kemp who hit a solo homer and knocked in two runs to enable the Dodgers beat Giants in their recent game.

The combination of players such as Kemp, Drew Butera and Yasiel Puing amongst other brilliant players is expected to produce good results. Furthermore, the Dodgers have been performing well even when not playing in their home ground and hence the Phillies fans are not expected to intimidate them. Therefore, this game will be competitive but the Dodgers are expected to have the upper hand if they get their tactics right and the various players are able to coordinate properly. Lack of synergy could prove to be detrimental to them.

Another game that is expected to be entertaining is against the Pittsburgh Pirates where the Dodgers will be at home. Again, in this game, the combination of the players and individual performances will be the primary determinant of the results. Matt Kemp is expected to play a major role in helping the Dodgers perform well and he together with his team mates are expected to be even more motivated since the home fans will be cheering for them. The pirates are known to play a cautious game but the Dodgers are expected to win especially if they maintain their current performance and continue to take each victory at a time.

Baltimores Stars Shine

Baltimore Orioles: Overly Reliant On Star Players?

Buy your cheap Orioles tickets today because they have been able to display some exciting performances which have in turn made them successful in their games. This success is primarily attributed to the good combination of players even though some of the first team players are currently injured. But amongst the various players of the team, there are some who have stood out, and consequently can rightfully be termed as the star players of the team. The stardom of these players is determined by their past performances or by the way they are performing currently.

One of the Orioles star players is Chris Davis who is the team’s first baseman. Davis is currently injured but has almost recovered after undergoing rehabilitation and treatment. But despite his injury, he is undoubtedly one of team’s star players because of his performance in the past. He has helped the Orioles achieve various good performances from his consistent performance. His importance to the team is so critical that he is guaranteed of getting his position back immediately after he recovers fully from the current injury.

Manny Machado is another star player of the Baltimore Orioles and this is attested by both his past and current performance. Even though he is currently yet to get the reaction time he had achieved in the past, he is still producing good performances which is contributing a lot to the entire team’s performance. In fact, Machado is expected to get his reaction time back to where it needs to be or even become better than how he has been in the past.

Jonathan Schoop was the hero in a recent game where he had a two run homer. This instantly made him get noticed by the fans and team mates who had seen him as an average player in the past till then. He had some good and average performances in the past which had made him be regarded as just an average player without much consistency. But the recent performance has made Schoop be regarded as the main player for his position in the team which consequently makes him a star player of the team. Therefore, if Jonathan Schoop’s performances remain consistent, he will definitely become a darling of the fans and will remain as one of the Baltimore Orioles star players. This will put him straight into the top league players unless he perform badly.