Cowboys Need to Fire Romo

Dallas Cowboys: Still Recovering From Disappointing 2013 Season

With every football season comes the promise and threats from every team that it will be their year to make it to the Super bowl. The Dallas Cowboys, tagged as “America’s Team” at one time is no different.

We have watched Jerry Jones every year make announcements of his plans to give and take players away from his team and that of others, claiming its going to be just the right changes to take his team all the way.  Buy Dallas Cowboys tickets in 2014 because they boys have started out no different than any of the others. If the Cowboys are going to get anywhere this year, they are going to have to beef up the defense. If you pay attention to all the draft talk, then you know that is exactly what Jerry Jones plans to do. With all players in tow, maybe the need of a linebacker and a safety is in their future plans as well.

The 2013 season was a rough one for the team; predictions are everywhere that they must change their defense if they plan on making it out of the starting gate. Marinelli will restructure his defensive line and make monsters out of the secondary, beginning with Morris Claiborne. With a fierce front four play, the secondary will have more self-esteem in what their job is to do, and they will do it well. This will give freedom to man to man coverage. The Cowboys probably can’t do any worse than the 2013 defense. Teams do change though. The Cowboys will get strong and confident on defense and hopefully the draft will pull in strength.

Offense will come back stronger with Tony Romo leading the way. He has his retuning heavy hitters, the likes of DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten with him. Romo went through his 2nd back surgery and turned 34 but by the looks of his practice rounds, there is nothing to fear in him for the 2014 season. Predictions are that Romo will be better and more powerful than anything we saw in 2013. Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray will be the powerhouses for the offense. Terrance Williams and Dez Bryant will be the two-man team force to be reckoned with. They are strong individually but when you put these two together, points will be made.

Depending strongly on the draft, the 2014 season looks to be a better season than 2013. The Cowboys need to man up their defense and get some confidence back in the line and the season may be one in their favor.