Dodgers Making Moves in the NL

Detailed Predictions Of The Upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers Games

The Los Angeles Dodgers have recorded some impressive performances in their recent games. These performances show the Dodgers as a team with renewed energy and with an undying fighting spirit, so get your discount dodgers tickets online and quickly before its too late. The performance is as a result of the combination of good team work, brilliant individual performance by certain players, application of the right tactics by the coach and the unwavering support by the faithful fans. However, the team will be facing stiff competition in the upcoming games as they will be facing some of the teams in baseball which are also doing equally well.

One of the toughest games that the Los Angeles Dodgers are to play in is against Philadelphia Phillies. This game will be played at the Phillies home stadium and hence they are expected to have the advantage of having home support. The Phillies have also been performing well in the recent past and hence they are expected to be a tough competitor. However, the Dodgers are expected to maintain their good performance especially because they have some good players such as Matt Kemp who hit a solo homer and knocked in two runs to enable the Dodgers beat Giants in their recent game.

The combination of players such as Kemp, Drew Butera and Yasiel Puing amongst other brilliant players is expected to produce good results. Furthermore, the Dodgers have been performing well even when not playing in their home ground and hence the Phillies fans are not expected to intimidate them. Therefore, this game will be competitive but the Dodgers are expected to have the upper hand if they get their tactics right and the various players are able to coordinate properly. Lack of synergy could prove to be detrimental to them.

Another game that is expected to be entertaining is against the Pittsburgh Pirates where the Dodgers will be at home. Again, in this game, the combination of the players and individual performances will be the primary determinant of the results. Matt Kemp is expected to play a major role in helping the Dodgers perform well and he together with his team mates are expected to be even more motivated since the home fans will be cheering for them. The pirates are known to play a cautious game but the Dodgers are expected to win especially if they maintain their current performance and continue to take each victory at a time.