Prospects of Washington Nationals this season

Cheap Washington Nationals tickets are extremely expensive because they are an expansion franchise and was originally founded as Montreal Expos in 1969. The club does not have the best record in baseball and has never played in a world series. The team had the best season is 1994 when they won most of their matches. The team kept on losing games after 1994 season which was primarily a result of shedding off its key players. MLB purchased the team in 2002 in order to revive its fortunes. The team was moved to Washington and was renamed The Washington Nationals. We wait to see how the change in name affects their winning destiny.

The Washington Nationals had a very good outing in 2012 when they won 98 games. 2013 was disappointing when the Nationals could manage 86 wins only. The let down was contributed by unimpressive performances by some of its major players like Dan Haren, Rafael Soriano and Adam LaRoche.

The outlook for 2014 is a good one though. Many predict them to be winners in NL East. The Washington Nationals are also considered a team with bright future prospects. The primary reason for this perception is their under 25 stock of players who are considered to be the second best in the games. These are the dark-horses that are expected to come of age as the season progresses.

The key off season move by the Washington Nationals is the acquisition of Doug Fister from Tigers. Fister is considered as one of the best starters in the game. Nate McLouth is somewhat a good prospect for the Nationals as well. McLouth had a good outing with Orioles with 2.5 WAR. Another acquisition, Jerry Blevins from Athletics may or may not prove to be a good one. The player to watch for though is Bryce Harper, the mountain man. The man had a great record when he was 20 and is expected to do well as he is now free from some of the injuries he had. The great eight from the Washington Nationals which include Desmond, Strasburg and Span are expected to do well this season after a not so good outing in 2013. They have been around for long to know that this is part and parcel of playing the game. With a number of talented players, the Washington Nationals can be one of the top performers this season for sure.