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List of Upcoming Rock Concerts in Houston

Concerts in Houston

Considering the number of concerts lined up for Houston in the coming months, it is correct to say that Houston is braced for a lively and epic music scene so find your cheap concert tickets for sale online quick. Supported by large and top-class venues, concerts in Houston know no bounds when it comes to the different genres of music. Speaking of genres, it’s good to know that Houston will start off its musical fest with some of the most sought-after musicians and bands in rock history. Let’s get on with the show!

Upcoming rock concerts

Some of the scheduled rock concerts include:

• First up is Peter Murphy who will be performing at the Scout Bar on 5/29/2014 (07:00PM). This rock vocalist from England is expected to perform songs from his albums Love Hysteria and Deep.

• Metal band fans should brace themselves for Between the Buried and Me. This American progressive band known for its song Astral Body is expected to perform at Fitzgerald’s on 5/31/2014 (11:59PM).

• In June, Houston will be hosting The Fray. This American band produced their first album in 2005 called How to Save a Life which also spawned the hugely successful single of the same title. They will be performing at the Bayou Music Center on 5/29/2014 (07:00PM).

Tesla rock band from California will be performing at the House Of Blues on 6/15/2014 (08:00PM). Some of the songs expected from the band include I Love You and Falling Apart.

• The Neighbourhood is also expected at the Bayou Music Center on 6/17/2014 (08:00PM). Considered one of the most expensive shows, this rock band formed in 2011 is expected to thrill the fans with songs from its latest album, I Love You.

• To start the month of August is the symphonic rock band Yes from England . Known for their song Days, the band is scheduled to perform at the Bayou Music Center on 8/5/2014 (07:30PM).

• Last in our list of rock concerts in Houston is the London based boy band (cue in the girlie screams please!), One Direction. Known for their new album Midnight Memories, the band will perform at the Reliant Stadium on 8/22/2014 (07:30PM).

This list only features some of the lined up rock concerts from May to August this year. Be sure to check us out regularly as new schedules may come up. Who knows, maybe you favorite band will be on the list some time very soon! Rock on, folks!