Yanks Do It Again

New York Yankees upcoming games predictions

Buy New York Yankees Tickets because they are one of the most successful American baseball teams based in The Bronx, NY. They have won the East Division’s Major League contest an impressive 27 times with their latest one being in 2009. This season they are again looking to add more trophies to their cabinet. With a game on hand against the Mariners on 5/15/2014, fans expect nothing short of a win given that their two last games against this team ended in losses. They’re in good form and they are sure to win these upcoming matches if they play to their potential.

With the season still at its early stages, Yankees need to register wins in the next few games so that they can set a benchmark and sustain the tempo till end-season. Their schedule also provides them with an opportune chance to get back into the race, not just for Wild Card games but the Division as well.

According to manager Joe Girardi, it’s paramount that the team doesn’t just win every match series remaining in their roster, but scores as many runs as possible and creates a huge run difference between them and other competitors. With 18 wins and 15 losses recorded thus far, they are only a few points behind the Baltimore Orioles who have won 19 and lost 14. For them, it’s more about winning big than just winning alone by a close margin. They will need up the ante to bring on their A game and beat everybody’s expectation.

In their last game against the Milwaukee Brewers which ended 5-2 in their favor, the team backed pitcher Ivan Nova with 4 double plays, then pushed a long run across the 11th inning for a sure win. Later on, Mark Teixeira went 3 for 5 with a powerful home run that carried the Yankees on an offensive mode against the opponents. Coach Kevin Long has hinted that he would encourage his players to use the same tactic to overwhelm their opponents in the remaining games. He has also been quoted saying that one of the winning strategies in major league championship is double play. Since the 2nd baseman is often involved in more doubles than other players, this is definitely an important position to use in winning games.

Well, all we can say that it’s come from the coach’s mouth and those words come from years of experience of playing on field.