Ketchup Field?

Pittsburgh Pride: Heinz Field

Occupying an enormous expanse of the North Shore, Heinz Field is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and with cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets you can visit Heinz Field at an affordable rate. The team, which has captured the Super Bowl ring six times, has made a total of 27 playoff appearances and has been owned by the Rooney family since 1933. The gorgeous, open-sky stadium is the envy of many other NFL cities and is only one of the beautiful sights the city has to offer. Many fans especially travel here to witness some really exciting sporting events.

Three Rivers Stadium, the team’s previous home, was built in 1970. It was a huge concrete structure of the old bowl type and was used by the both the Steelers and the Pirates, Pittsburgh’s MLB team. Many views were poor and the structure had outlived its useful lifespan. Heinz Field construction began in June of 1999, and Three Rivers was imploded in February of 2001. Construction of the new stadium was completed and it opened on August 18, 2001 with a concert by then-popular boyband ‘N Sync.

The stadium is constructed of over 12,000 tons of steel. Pittsburgh was once considered the Steel Capital of the World, so this was an important nod to the region’s heritage. It can seat a maximum of 65,050 patrons, which is fortunate considering that the Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every seat for every home game played since 1972. No other stadium in the entire world can boast of such a fantastic track record. Steelers’ fans are nothing if not loyal, and the team enjoys enormous profits from ticket sales and licensed merchandise. It is faced with a beautiful glass and boasts a Great Hall packed with memorabilia chronicling the history of the Steelers.

Perhaps the only negative of Heinz Field is the inexplicable decision to make it an open-air design in an area of the country where the weather can be miserably cold during football season. The Ohio River is formed by the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers coming together at ‘The Point’ nearby, and the wind howls right through the stadium. Many local pundits decried the design, stating that Pittsburgh will never be able to host any of the Super Bowls it participates in, thus losing the city a lot of revenue. But this is a subject matter to debate on. There have been favorable talks about them hosting one of the Super Bowls and only time will tell how that plays out.