Baltimores Stars Shine

Baltimore Orioles: Overly Reliant On Star Players?

Buy your cheap Orioles tickets today because they have been able to display some exciting performances which have in turn made them successful in their games. This success is primarily attributed to the good combination of players even though some of the first team players are currently injured. But amongst the various players of the team, there are some who have stood out, and consequently can rightfully be termed as the star players of the team. The stardom of these players is determined by their past performances or by the way they are performing currently.

One of the Orioles star players is Chris Davis who is the team’s first baseman. Davis is currently injured but has almost recovered after undergoing rehabilitation and treatment. But despite his injury, he is undoubtedly one of team’s star players because of his performance in the past. He has helped the Orioles achieve various good performances from his consistent performance. His importance to the team is so critical that he is guaranteed of getting his position back immediately after he recovers fully from the current injury.

Manny Machado is another star player of the Baltimore Orioles and this is attested by both his past and current performance. Even though he is currently yet to get the reaction time he had achieved in the past, he is still producing good performances which is contributing a lot to the entire team’s performance. In fact, Machado is expected to get his reaction time back to where it needs to be or even become better than how he has been in the past.

Jonathan Schoop was the hero in a recent game where he had a two run homer. This instantly made him get noticed by the fans and team mates who had seen him as an average player in the past till then. He had some good and average performances in the past which had made him be regarded as just an average player without much consistency. But the recent performance has made Schoop be regarded as the main player for his position in the team which consequently makes him a star player of the team. Therefore, if Jonathan Schoop’s performances remain consistent, he will definitely become a darling of the fans and will remain as one of the Baltimore Orioles star players. This will put him straight into the top league players unless he perform badly.